I’ve never gone for a drink with someone who asked me out from a moving vehicle (hello stranger danger) but since I haven’t been on a date in months I felt like I owed you a solid 50 Fat Dates story.LA Podfest had ended and I was feeling cheerful after a fantastic happy hour in Beverly Hills.

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However, in my defense, the last guy who chased me out of a Hollywood bar ended up as my boyfriend of 3 years.

The conversation over drinks was interesting and I really liked him a lot.

Just like the shiny black SUV, the offers started rolling in as he got closer on the couch. This is a lot of game if all he wants is a one night stand.

He wanted to fly me to NYC next weekend and take me shopping. I felt like I was in 50 Shades of Grey without the red room. Let me be the fat Anastasia and him the black Christian Grey. We finished our drinks and he invited me to watch his cousin in a stand up show but I declined.

Update: This is a great post and came from a really honest place but things have totally changed in my life.

I’ve learned that everyone is loveable no matter what they weigh or what they look like.Even though I’m still a bigger girl, I’ve abandoned the idea that no one will want me. Maybe no one wants me right now, but that is not the end of things. But here’s the thing: I’ve dated a lot of crappy guys.I’ve had guys trick me, lie to me, cheat on me, etc.Maybe I’ve never been in love like she has, but we’ve both dated losers.She has had more bad boyfriends than I can remember and been cheated on more than I have.As soon as I was in my apartment I did what any conscientious dater would do and Googled the crap out of him.