Treatment needs to occur within eight hours of the start of an erection to avoid permanent damage to the penis.

During your teens you go through puberty and become sexually mature.

If you're a girl, you develop breasts and begin to get your period.

Testosterone replacement therapy—such as with a gel—can help alleviate symptoms.

Regular follow-up, though, is needed to ensure that you reach a reasonable range of testosterone, not an “NFL kind of level,” says Dr. Not all men with low testosterone, however, experience symptoms. NEXT: Broken Bat [pagebreak] Peyronie’s disease involves a narrowing or curvature of the penis.

Treatment options include draining excess blood from the penis with a needle, medication to limit blood flow into the penis, or surgery.

NEXT: Balking [pagebreak] The most common type of ejaculatory dysfunction is premature ejaculation, one that occurs within two minutes of the start of sexual stimulation.

This is a rare side effect of pills like Viagra, but occurs more frequently when this type of drug is injected directly into the penis.

This condition can also occur as a result of certain psychiatric medications, cocaine use, or sickle cell disease.

If you do choose to have any kind of sexual contact, latex condoms are the best protection against STDs.

Condoms are also a form of birth control to help prevent pregnancy.

Routine visits to the doctor are also important, with regular screening for risk factors of cardiovascular disease.