This blog was my only income – the Adsense clicks were almost 100% of what I earned. Since then I’ve tried to keep a sexy mix of affiliate income, premium content writing, blog design and consulting work to help me make a living online. Prior to the phone meeting I’d been emailing a long-term client for weeks and weeks about a new project that we were hoping to get started. We’d been emailing back and forth ideas and concepts and I’d told them I was ready to move.So when the blog got turned off I ended up with nothing. I had previously built a website for them and we were discussing a new blog that they were desperate to get me on board with. I had content plans, product ideas and website design drafts to show them.

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Within 20 minutes I’d sorted out all their objections and fears and sufficiently assured them that it was time to move.

The next day they paid their invoice and the website and copy writing is now all under way.

And I can’t help but wonder whether part of the missing ingredient for a lot of us is the human connection. Hopefully by now you’ll be thinking that maybe creating a face to face connection is a good idea. It was a huge step for me as I’d built up a lot of brand equity as the Blog Tyrant and was pretty concerned that the “buzz” on my blog would die off after I opened up. Blog Tyrant was going really well for me but when Glen asked me to join the Viper Chill team I knew that things would really take off.

It’s a simple fact of business that you can get a lot more done when you team up with people who believe in and want to achieve the same things as you.

There are a few big players who dictate how things are done and then everyone else follows for a while.

But within that narrow spectrum of teaching and following there are vital business practices being overlooked.

Excitement was building but no money had changed hands and something always seemed to pop up.

And then we jumped on the phone and met up for a quick coffee.

The idea is to develop real friendships and alliances that you actually value.

There are guys like Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and Brian Clark that I Tweet and email because I genuinely respect and like them.

Some of the simple but extremely important lessons I’ve been told by my family members include: So why wasn’t I applying these things to my work as a blogger or copy writer?