Young people nowadays can access the internet on their phones, tablets, computers, which gives them even more of a chance of stumbling across porn sites.Young people are naturally curious, if they see a pop-up window they might click on it and be led to a porn site, or be sent links to it in via their junk mail.

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One show found that an alarming number of teenage girls felt they should imitate pornographic scenes they had seen on the web, and a growing number of girls felt pressured into stripping on webcams for their boyfriends.

These images were then sometimes circulated via mobile phone or online.

It isn’t a case of if a young person will be exposed to pornography but when, according to The Sexualisation of Children, a government report published in February 2010.

The average teen spends one hundred minutes a week surfing for porn, according to research.

I will, but I just wish I’d chatted to him soon after.” “I knew my son Jake was looking at porn,” says mum Lianne.

“He did it on the family computer and occasionally forgot to wipe the history of sites he’d been on.It’s estimated that 87% of 6-10 year olds and 95% of those aged 15-17 are regularly online, and a report by Parent Channel TV says more than over half (57%) of young people aged 9-19 have already seen internet pornographic images.Finding porn online is easy with free porn sites that do not require credit cards.It doesn’t teach you about emotions and love, and it desensitises young people to violence and rape.Men and women are just seen as sex objects and body parts.” EU Kids Online, a study by the London School of Economics and Political Science, found boys appeared more likely than girls to seek out offensive or violent content, to access pornographic content or be sent links to porn websites.This is a form of sexual bullying and can have horrific consequences for the young people involved.