I am not responsible for his decisions and he is not responsible for mine.

" _______________________ Falls Church, Va.: NBC this morning already mentioned his mother was a Holocaust survivor.

What is the deal, why would the Europeans have protected this monster for so long? As our story pointed out today, the facts are not really in dispute.

And as Karl's piece today made clear, this is now an international story. _______________________ Houston, Tex.: Other than in his plea-bargain papers, has Mr.

I wouldn't even be surprised if somebody in the White House press corps asks the question of whether the administration should continue with the extradition given the outcry in France. C.: Is the French refusal to hand over Polanski to the U. a strict interpretation of their policy not to extradite French citizens or is it more of a reverence for him being an artist? Polanski ever admitted that he had sex with the 13-year-old? But that's the one and only place it would matter, of course. I could see denials in other forums -- interviews and such -- aggravating the situation inside the courtroom.

Prosecutors there had learned of the Oscar-winning director's plans to attend a film festival in his honor, and passed a request through the U. _______________________ Orlando, Fla.: A fugitive is arrested. But should the horrific death of his wife and house guests preclude him from sentencing for the charge that he has already plead guilty to? But the drama that attaches to the case is entirely irrelevant to the law.

Does this stuff deserve a headline, several op-ed articles and a live chat in the WP? But for what it's worth, the country's foreign minister, Bernard Koucher, is quoted today as calling the arrest "a bit sinister." _______________________ Chicago, Ill.: I understand that Mr. He admitted to sexual interactions with a 13-year-old girl. Emotions mean nothing, including any sympathy for Polanski's tragic life story, or the victim's expressions of a sort of forgiveness (she has said she's gotten on with her life and has no problem with Polanski's returning to the United States).

C.: Do you think the Swiss cooperation in the arrest is connected to the deteriorating relationship the U. Before you get into what might happen now could you give a short summary of the undisputed facts (if there are any) of this case?

Also, a specific question: The victim has publicly said that she thinks the case should be dropped. Karl Vick: I don't believe the victim's opinion necessarily has a legal impact, but you'd expect a prosecutor, or indeed a judge, to take it into account.

S., including some reported flaws in the investigation, trial, etc. washingtonpost.com: The Outrageous Arrest of Roman Polanski (Post, Sept.

However, I am puzzled when I hear people, such as a Swiss producer and French officials, say Polanski should not be extradited at least in part because he's a gifted artist. J.: Your colleague Anne Applebaum has written an opinion piece voicing her outrage about the arrest of Roman Polanski. She did not disclose in the piece that her husband, who is the foreigner minister of Poland, has been working to have Polanski released? 27) Richard Leiby: Anne's piece certainly caused a firestorm of comments.

The former sheriff of Orange County, for instance, celebrated so openly at getting "not guilty" verdicts on several charges against him that the judge cited his behavior when he imposed a whopper of a sentence for the one count the jury did bring back.