Go straight across on to a track which leads to the lonely house at Gallow Hill, where you turn left, or rather north, and head back to Wells, or if you started at Wighton, take the right fork.

Instead, slice between West Barsham and East Barsham to reach North Barsham (what happened to South Barsham?

) after which you pass on the right the Roman Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady "founded 1061 - refounded 1897".

Scampering back up the beach, follow the signs that eventually take a right-angle turn inland to the main coastal road.

Go straight across to enter a deer park in the classiest stretch of this or indeed any cycling route: Holkham Hall.

Cycle along the top of this for a wonderful view over land and sea. Do a 90-degree turn to your left into the car park, which is another good place to start if you are doing the shorter version.

Pick up the blue-and-red symbol in the far left-hand corner by the bike-shop.You could slip into the "Slipper Chapel" here but for doctrinal reasons might prefer the Anglican or alternatively Greek Orthodox shrines, both a mile or so further on in Little Walsingham, which also boasts an abbey, sacred spring, theological gift shop and coach parking for pilgrims.After Great Walsingham, it's on to Wighton, which, if you are only up for the shorter option, is a good place to start.Wighton is the cycling equivalent of the junction of the M1 and M25, although if you blink you will miss it: Route 30, a narrow road that leads to Cromer, joins from the right.Take the track to the left labelled "unsuitable for motor vehicles".The trip can be done as a fairly gentle, 10-mile, almost circular route starting at Wells or further south at Wighton.