Negrin has a compelling personal story, having sworn his life to justice after witnessing, at 13, the assassination of his father, a Cuban community activist." City Controller: Rebecca Rhynhart"Rhynhart represents a growing segment of Philadelphia's population that wants to cut the cord that ties the city to archaic policies and traditions and channel their energy toward more innovative solutions.

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One question would let the city procure contracts using a "best value" system, rather than the current procedure that awards contracts to the "lowest responsible bidder." It would let the city award contracts for things like equipment or construction services based on more than just price.

The other ballot question would lead to the creation of a commission to coordinate public and private redevelopment efforts.

City positions: District attorney and city controller The marquee race in Philadelphia this year is the contest to succeed Seth Williams as district attorney.

The embattled prosecutor, who is facing federal corruption and bribery charges, is not seeking a third term, prompting a highly contested primary for the position.

The Republican candidates, who will both advance to the general election, are Christine Fizzano Cannon, a Court of Common Pleas judge in Delaware County (highly recommended), and Paul Lally, a Pittsburgh lawyer (recommended).

You can read questionnaires submitted by the statewide judicial candidates and more information about the Bar Association's ratings on the organization's website.

Negrin's background as a board member of Ceasefire PA is encouraging on the gun front, especially his goal of going after gun shops that cater to straw buyers.

His early experience in the DA's office gives him insight into a troubled juvenile justice system.

The candidates and their Philadelphia Bar Association ratings are: Marissa Brumbach (recommended), Jon Marshall (recommended), Bill Rice (not recommended), Sherman Toppin (not recommended), George Twardy (recommended) and Matt Wolf (recommended) You can read more about the Common Pleas and Municipal Court candidates and their questionnaires submitted to the local bar association here.

Suburbs A variety of local contests are on the ballot in the suburbs, including school board, local supervisor or council, and district justice posts.

Seven Democrats are vying to run the District Attorney’s Office: The Republican candidate, Beth Grossman, a former assistant district attorney who spent 21 years in the city prosecutor’s office, has no challengers.