A student should be taught skills that they can use in the real world regardless of what career they pursue.

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Two girls, three years apart, in a consensual relationship warrants an arrest and potentially 15 years in prison?

The Steubenville rapists were only given one year, just for being minors, because apparently before you turn 18 you’re an impressionable idiot but on the day of your 18th birthday the Adulthood Fairy comes and taps you on the nose with the Magic Wand of Accountability and Maturity. While statutory rape laws are indeed there for a reason, they also come with a lot of problems.

A sex scandal has erupted in Lakeland Police Department after an employee claims she was groped and pressured for sex by up to a dozen officers over eight years and detailed trysts in police and fire stations, patrol cars, motels and even in a parking lot after a memorial service for a slain officer.

Eberle's accounts of the liaisons were largely corroborated by her sexual partners and others within the police department and published in a graphic, 59-page report written in an incredulous tone by the county's top prosecutor. And they knew that they could take advantage of that, so they preyed upon her.

This is a good time to rethink not only bigotry, but how accountable minors are, as well, and perhaps to stop underestimating them.

I believe in educating the whole person, not just the subject matter.As for rape of any kind, let alone statutory, since 97% of violent rapists never go to jail, it seems a bit arbitrary to consider sending anyone to jail who was in a completely consensual and non-violent relationship.The thought of a criminal justice system in which police will handcuff an 18 year-old girl and haul her away like a violent criminal, while so many actually violent criminals walk free, is frankly disturbing.The irony of this case is that, in asserting statutory rape laws, Kaitlyn Hunt is being held to equal standards as anyone else would be in a heterosexual relationship.Of course, that equality is lost when it comes to marriage rights for many same sex couples across the country.An 18 year-old high schooler dating a 16 year-old is someone who still lives at home, and is part of the same culture as their partner.