It's a brand-new resort, and the first of its kind to be built in a town known for motels. That's not going to happen on my minuscule advertising budget.""Seventy-five percent and that's that, or else.""Or else what?

When she's not busy writing, she's searching for treasures at estate sales and swap shops, or training the untrainable pets: Zeus, Madison and Lois.

Her time is spent between Fort Lauderdale and Seattle.

I haven't had carbs in months.""You're half an hour late. "I was thinking more along the lines of Girlfriend Weekends and Passion Parties.""What's a Passion Party? Those parties are big with women.""Adult toys, as in sexual paraphernalia?

""Lotions, potions, electronic gadgets."Joya's eye roll said it all. I'm off to say hi to my honey."Joya leaped from the stool and went off to greet her husband.

Not one to back down, those green eyes flashed a challenge.

Tom Burke, senior vice president of sales and marketing, stared back.

His boots were dusty and if she were to guess hid size fourteen feet. "Hey, you," he said, sliding onto the chair Joya had recently vacated. Let's get the verbiage straight," Emilie said, laughing."Hook up" implied they'd done the nasty.

He reached over, touching the tip of Emily's nose with his index finger. They'd come close, but then she'd decided better not go there.

Corporate is expecting us to put the Flamingo Beach Spa and Resort on the map.