You should also consider proposing to see a counselor together.Maybe your wife has something she’s holding back from you.

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I just can’t get it out of my mind that she might be a lesbian.

I am having a hard time thinking about how to ask her this, or if I even should. I have this fear that 20 years down the road she is just going to say, “We need a divorce, I’m a lesbian.” I don’t think the problem is that your wife is a lesbian, although she might be, I suppose.

Dear Prudence, I am a divorced mother of a wonderful 2-year-old son.

His dad and I share custody and have a low-conflict co-parenting relationship.

I suspect your real fear about the reason behind your dwindling sex life is the possibility that your wife is not attracted to you.

If she were a lesbian, you could at least feel it wasn’t personal, but you’re getting ahead of yourself by imagining she’d only leave you someday to be with women.

My uncle, who is an alcoholic, got drunk and assaulted his then girlfriend during the reception. He now lives with my aging grandparents as he cannot support himself due to his drinking.

I called my grandparents before the holidays to let them know that my wife and I would not visit them as long as my uncle was there.

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Maybe she’s perfectly happy with the state of your sex life, and you’ll have to hash out your respective needs and how you can meet one another’s.