The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved sister as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Here is that story.*A few days after her funeral, I found myself standing outside my Aunt's bungalow which she had bequeathed me during the settling of her estate. I know how all this must sound to you right now but I want you to know you can trust us completely. "Wally the vibrator and Danny the dildo can only go so far," she said, butting in. Then she began to swallow my meat and we all watched in amazement as inch by throbbing inch disappeared inside her mouth.

It was Angie who got straight to the point and who totally changed and rocked my world."See Ben," she said softly, "We really do miss the cock."*Shit like this just doesn't happen to people like me. You want me to join your group because you want a real uh, cock, to, uh, you know," Ruth saw my hesitation. And, yes, we do want you to fuck all three of us," She saw me blush at her choice words, "We also want you to talk the talk with and to us. "Angie and Sharon both nodded."Amongst other things we can do to each other, of course. "No, not all four of us each time," smiled Ruth, "We can arrange to fuck you one or two at a time. Though, I'd have to figure out some sort of routine around my work. I could see she was considering going the whole deep throat route but thought better of it.

"Sure," I laughed in amazement, "Okay, it's a deal," Then something occurred to me, "Wait, is it just all four of us together or ..."I sat back nervously as all three women slipped off the sofa to come kneel down in front of me and take my hands in theirs. All three women were standing looking at me expectantly with the atmosphere crackling with electricity between us."What NOW? After a couple of minutes of this, she sat back gasping for breath."Oh my," she hiccupped, "That was amazing. Here you two, get stuck in while I play with and lick his balls."Sharon was next. She stared into my eyes as she swallowed about six inches of me before it jammed against the back of her throat.

It was part of a larger neighborhood made up mostly of elderly retirees or widows/widowers who wanted nothing more than to enjoy the quiet life while doing a bit of gardening. I worked from home and the peace and quiet were exactly what I was looking for as I had already made plans to move out from my parent's place. All I know is you were her favorite and if she was going to leave it to anyone, it would be you."And she had. Always front foot forward and doing things to keep her busy. Ruth looked to be slightly older than Angie and she had this awesome halo of jet black hair which she had pulled back tight from her face and twisted it into a long ponytail that curled down to her waist. "Including your Aunt Barbra, who we all loved dearly and miss her every single day."My Aunt Barbra?!! She would let me pop out of her mouth every now and then so she could draw breath before going down on me again.

At the age of twenty, I figured it was time to bail out of the family nest and find my own way in life. Over the years, she was always the one who came to visit us and it was a rare trip when it was the other way around. She had these amazing blue eyes that were well set into a classically defined face with a pert nose and full rosy lips. Her impressive bust was heaving and I dreamily wondered what her bare tits would look like.

"And with that, they turned tail and walked away chatting amongst themselves as I stood there looking decidedly befuddled and I had this uneasy feeling that wheels had been set in motion and that something, SOMETHING, was most definitely up.*Seven arrived and the kitchen was filled with the smell of freshly baked cherry and apple pie. "*This is one of those moments where time takes a rain check. The only thing I could hear was the thudding of my heart which was lodged somewhere between my ears. If he's still going, we go around again until we suck him dry." She looked up at me as I started to huff and puff out loud. She had barely shoved me inside her mouth when the second stream of spunk blasted against the back of her throat and she gagged at the visceral nature of it. Ejaculation number two eased and Sharon handed me over to Ruth who dropped her lips over me as quickly as she could.

We all sat around the table, each with a glass of wine in hand just making small talk as they eased me into their own little world. My mind was filled with tiny little lights that were blinking on and off as my orgasm continued.I figured I needed to show my appreciation in some way."Um, if you're interested," I said, turning to the three of them watching me as I stood there rubbing my hands together nervously, "Ah, I'd like to invite you around later for a drink or two. I mean, we can leave it until another time.."All three shook their heads at once. We'd love to come over and have a bit of a gossip.""We'd love to, Ben. A look that I missed as I blinked at the blonde woman in the tight jeans. Other than the uh," I gulped, feeling myself blushing like an over ripe prune, "The uh, you know, thingy."Geez, Ben. Maybe I should call it a night and high tail it out of town. What she said next had me firmly stuck to my chair in surprise."What about that thing," she asked. She was closest to me and I sort of warily inched back in my chair."Ruth asked if you missed the sex with your girlfriend."Sex? " Then she looked at Sharon who was already licking her lips expectantly. Angie spluttered but kept her lips firmly wrapped around my shooting member.We can get to know each other and have a house warming party at the same time. Sharon broke the spell and slipped her arm through Ruth's."Come on, ladies," she winked, "We need to get cooking! All three were staring at me intently, "Do you miss the sex? I felt my mouth fall open in shock as her words rattled around inside my brain. "Sharon, you take the second, and I'll take the third. The first pulse subsided as the room began to spin and she pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth with a loud "pop" and quickly handed me over to Sharon who was as wide eyed as her friend. A little less than the first cum but still a good mouthful for her to savor and swallow.There was that awkward silence between us again as the conversation dried up. I felt like I was talking to my teachers back in high school where you were always unsure of what to say. But they didn't."Well, that's very strange," said Angie, who looked amazing in her black blouse and black slacks with flat heels, "We all thought you'd have the girls falling all over you."Huh? The woman could read minds and, right now, mine was probably like an open book. I made a face and reached up to fiddle with my right ear. She gave Angie to her right a look, then turned to Sharon who nodded silently as if they had just shared some secret between them. We both were no longer virgins but, well, it kind of got real complicated real fast and that, unfortunately, was that."I'm not sure I should say anything," I replied lamely. Maybe it was the beer that loosened my tongue, but I started to talk and try to explain all about those things. Linda, that was her name, she was my first proper girlfriend and when we finally decided we wanted to sleep together," I frowned at the memory, "We tried to do it but things didn't go as planned. But then she asked me to stop and I did."That sounded really sad. We're more than just friends," she explained as she took both of her friend's hands in hers, "We're lovers too."Uh. She looked at Angie who was still happily slurping and sucking away like a baby at a tit. The twitch made me step forward and shove my spurting cock right to the back of Angie's mouth and nearly down into her throat.But they all seemed so nice and eager to help me settle into my new place. " said Angie quickly, glancing at her two friends, "That's really sweet of you, Ben. I held her gaze for a second as Angie and Ruth glanced at each other with a knowing look. I was suddenly starting to feel way out of my depth here. "Uh," I tried to say with some difficulty, "I'm not sure I understand."It was Sharon's turn to sit forward. Sharon tilted her head to one side and looked at me. We're all adults here and it's not like any of us are going to tell anyone else about what we talk and do between us."She really emphasized the "and do" bit. "Angie," she ordered, "You take the first shot, okay? Her eyes were like saucers as the first volley erupted from my throbbing penis and quickly filled her mouth with its thick syrupy goo.I walked up the path with a suitcase in one hand and my laptop bag in the other as I finally moved in. So I really didn't know much about the area where she lived and what her neighbors were like. I put the suitcase down and stood to fumble in my coat pockets looking for the keys. So these were my Aunt's good friends who had come out to welcome me into their little corner of the neighborhood. Nice to meet you."Compassion flooded her cheeks as she gave my hand a squeeze before letting it go. She was taller than Angie with a full figure and what looked like an outstanding bosom. The four of us have been lovers for a long time."Four of us? They looked massive and I so wanted to sit for hours just sucking on her nipples.