You'll become aware of your self factor for that particular character, allowing you to play to his or her strengths or weaknesses.If you're the type of player that easily makes friends, this will be easy.Next is BTRP or Back To Role-Play, which may be asked of you if you're overusing OOC chat too much.

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One thing that I don't like is the whole -I would...- thing. I'm guilty of it myself, and I can recommend no more than three, five if it's absolutely required.

Generally some people will double up their brackets, others won't. As long as it's clearly marked in a recognizeable way, almost anything can mark OOC chat. This rule is in place to prevent outright banditry.

Examine the chat, know where the player concentrations are, and once you've developed your character, location, and faction enough, play to the role characteristics.

Be polite IC and OOC, or just OOC if your character's a real jerk IC, work with everyone to complete jobs, gather some friends and go shoot rodents of unusual size in the wasteland, whatever.

Work it out OOC, void as required, and get on with the RP.

Don't make a fuss about it, or people will be telling you to BTRP.Take into account your character's self factor, decide what faction they'd hang out with if they were people, and take that course of action.Know your preferred faction build, and work towards it.One thing I'll say about marking actions, be brief, but don't be too brief.I like to indicate that it's my character performing the action by stating it in first person, in the present tense. What you need to beware of when you're doing this is that you're not making the action chain ''too'' long.Once you give this to a certain player, they can kill off your character.'' ''RTK, or Reason to kill. It is granted by admins only, and is only used when some other player ICly does something that would be reacted to with killing the char.