You can print your ticket any time before departure at any self-service terminal or ticket office. - The problems from the Southern Subregional Programming Contest 2012 added to the problemset archive (542 - 553).The event was the exhibition-fair of bakery and confectionery products from manufacturers "Bread and health", manufacturers of bakery, pastry...

Reminders of the once prominent place of Germans in the city remain, with the Roman Catholic St.

Klementy Cathedral (seat of the historic Diocese of Tiraspol) on Nemetskaya Ulitsa ("German Street") the most notable.

1590, during the reign (1584–1598) of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, who constructed several settlements along the Volga River in order to secure the southeastern boundary of his state. In 1896 (26 years later), the line crossed the Volga and continued its eastward expansion.

A unique train-ferry, owned by the Ryazan-Ural railroad, provided the connection across the river between the two parts of the railroad for 39 years, before the construction of a railway bridge in 1935.

During January 1915, with World War I dominating the Russian national agenda, Saratov became the destination for deportation convoys of ethnic Germans, Jews, Hungarians, Austrians and Slavs whose presence closer to the western front was perceived as a potential security risk to the state.

Until the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Soviet authorities designated Saratov a "closed city"—strictly off-limits to all foreigners due to its military importance as the site of a vital facility manufacturing military aircraft.A student of Saratov state agricultural university Natalia Golomidova... It was dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the scientist. On the 14 th of August ended the universities Championship of the Saratov region on football. The plans of the expedition include visiting some scientific institutions...A unique project of Saratov state agricultural university –a research expedition "On the Roads of N. The tournament was attended by the teams of ISPS named after P. On the basis of the Saratov state agricultural university the Second all-Russian forum on breadmaking took place.Uvek, a city of the Golden Horde, stood near the site of the modern city of Saratov from the mid-13th century until its destruction by Tamerlane in 1395.While the exact date of the foundation of modern Saratov is unknown, all plausible theories date it to ca.The ethnic German population of the region numbered 800,000 in the early 20th century, with some people whose families had been there for generations.