The young couple will live in the main household and receives a bamboo pillow, a mosquito net, and a pile of mats for their bed to demarcate their space in the house.

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Preparations before Marriage Preparations for marriage start from young.

Like the Dobe Ju/'hoansi, much of the proceedings involved are based on pragmatic needs, and often the reason why objects are exchanged is due to their material functionabilty.

This also explains why betrothal gifts seem to be more functional than symbolic.

Choosing of partners In the Samoan culture, individuals are favoured for their demure demeanor such as those who ‘speak softly and tread lightly’.

Significance of Marriage To the Samoans, marriage is a seen as a milestone which marks one's first step into the realm of adulthood.

Marriage marks the end of her youth and her ability to have fun and the start of taking on responsibilities.

On the contrary, arrogance and courage are frowned upon.

This alludes to their emphasis on conflict avoidance and peace making they have towards each other in their culture.

The segregation of tasks and roles played is according to one’s gender, thus culminating to this unequal distinction between men and women.