You should both write in the language that each of you is learning.

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That way you can also look at your phone to see what came up in conversation during the week.

And what about you, have you already tried chatting online in a language you’re learning?

Nowadays, you can really personalize your chatting experience.

Send photos from your daily routine and use them as a springboard for conversation. You can speak, re-listen, redo, write the transcription, etc.

That’s why more and more sites are now offering language exchanges.

Our Mosa Lingua apps teach you the most common and practical words used in conversation.

Fellow rider Paul Gavrilov, 35, said: 'This accident should have been avoided because he could have been killed.

Here at Mosa Lingua, we’re convinced that the earlier you start speaking a language, the better.

A photo of your lunch, your vacation spots, your new book, anything that conveys who you are and gets you talking. You can send a pic and some words that describe it (which is more helpful than Instagram), or even send over a word or two that you want to ask about. Try to transcribe something your penpal says in the language you’re learning for an added challenge.

Sign up on Italki, Verbling, Mixxer etc., and look for someone who is a native speaker of the language you want to learn.

Unlike speaking, you can erase, rewrite and reread. First of all, chatting online doesn’t require that you be in front of a computer. Those with busy schedules can also squeeze in time for chats more easily than a phone call.