Now you may wonder why they are able to run such big dating websites for free, right?

Let me show you the rationale behind their operation: Free Russian dating sites monetize their websites via advertising, not via selling memberships to you.

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Therefore, Russian women who have joined these Russian marriage agencies are actually more reliable.

These agencies often have a huge trustworthy database for you to browse and choose.

Russian marriage agencies usually have offices in Russia.

These agencies interview every Russian woman who would like to keep their profiles on file.

So they might have branches in Western countries – usually, other international marriage agencies have offices which represent these Russian marriage agencies in Western countries.

That means you don’t necessarily have to go to Russia in order to use their services.

Usually, free Russian dating sites have many more members than most other dating sites because they are free to join.

Also, if you see ads on their sites, don’t feel annoyed, because that only means they have a large number of members.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sell ads to businesses.

Indeed, if they have many members, you are more likely to meet more high-quality Russian beauties. Here is the reason why Russian dating websites with subscription would never go out of business: They use pricing to filter people.

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