IC documentation and submitted artifacts will be commensurate with the IC reciprocity memorandum.If an enclave approaching its Authorization Termination Date (ATD), the system owner/program manager must reinitiate the A&A/C&A process and obtain a new authorization decision from the AO.DIACAP packages can be submitted to Component Authorizing Officials (AOs) up until .

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Ideally, the new ATO will be issued and an updated CAP package uploaded to SNAP or SGS a minimum of 30-days prior to the expiration of the current ATC/IATC.

In accordance with Do DI 8510.01 (ref d), "systems that have been evaluated as having a sufficiently robust system-level continuous monitoring program (as defined by emerging Do D continuous monitoring policy) may operate under a continuous reauthorization." AOs who determine that their DISN connected enclave has met Do D’s continuous monitoring policy requirements are still required to update their respective ATO at a minimum of every three (3) years before a new ATC/IATC will be issued.

3.5.2 Mission Partner Connections to the DISN Connection Approval Packages for Mission Partner connections to DISN will include the following documentation: Do D Sponsors and Mission Partners will ensure information in SNAP/. As appropriate: RMF Documentation or DIACAP Executive Package (DIACAP Scorecard) in accordance with Do DI 8510.01, Do D 5220.22-M, NISPOM, NIST 800-37, ICD 503 documentation, or equivalent documentation The Do D Sponsor must validate the Mission Partner's need for access to the DISN.

The Do D Sponsor and Mission Partner must understand and agree (e.g., MOA/MOU, contract) to their responsibilities as stated in the Do D CIO Sponsor Memorandum.

Customers should utilize the below timelines for planning purposes when ordering circuits to minimize the time between delivery of circuit and activation of the circuit.

Once a circuit is delivered, whether the customer is ready for use or not, the billing of the circuit will commence within 72 hours of delivery.

The results of an annual review or a major change in the cybersecurity posture at any time may also indicate the need for reassessment and reauthorization of the system in accordance with Appendix III to OMB Circular A-130 (ref q).

The expiration date of an ATC/IATC is usually the same as (and will never go beyond) the ATD expiration date of the associated scorecard.

Note: DISN ATCs will not be issued until the enclave’s systems are properly registered in the PPSM registry and have a valid PPSM registration identification number.

For questions regarding PPSM registration call the PPSM Office at 301-225-2904.

3.5.3 Do D Classified Contractor Connections to DISN: In addition to the requirements in paragraph 3.5.2, a Connection Approval Package for a Classified Defense Contractor connection to DISN will include: The Defense Security Service (DSS) has responsibility for all AO actions related to Classified Contractor connections to DISN in accordance with NISPOM C&A; see the DSS-DISA MOA for further specifics regarding classified Do D contractor connections Do D Contractor connections to the SIPRNet must go through DSS for A&A of their facilities and information systems.