With share trips, you can share your expected arrival time and can also allow your chosen contact to follow your journey even through heavy traffic.The location sharing feature can be turned off at any time one wants.

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Of course, in a real sense, Apple Maps isn’t real-time in the true sense of the word.

What it has done is to cleverly map on (no pun intended) moving, animated elements onto the static images used by Flyover’s wireframes.

Waze users have had the ability to make real-time road reports since February, and now Google Maps mobile users on Android and i OS will see those reports in 13 countries including North America, South America, and Europe.

Alphabet's Inc Google on Thursday launched a new real-time location sharing feature for its users.

If you're browsing Google Maps in Satellite View, you may notice that location details are not always up-to-date.

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth.

With Google's Follow Your World tool, you can also sign up for email notifications when specific location images change.

The satellite data on Google Maps is typically between 1 to 3 years old.

You receive an email every time Google updates a location you set as a Point. Once you're logged in: You receive an email notification confirming that you've set up the alert, with a warning that updates can take "weeks, months and even years." Next time Google Maps updates this location, it will email you.

Google Transport Tracker is a set of applications designed to track a range of moving assets (such as vehicles) and visualize them on a live map.

It also opens up tons of possibilities for future expansions: such as days shifting in real-time from day to night, weather effects, or even seasonal changes.