This is the moment a cheeky octopus made off with a woman's £100 sunglasses after she dropped them in a rock pool.

Emma Solomon was walking at the north end of One Mile Beach in New South Wales, Australia on April 20 when she spotted the octopus and put her Ray-Bans in the pool to point the animal out.

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But, it took a liking to her shades and clung on to the arm (right)Within seconds he was pulling the expensive accessory under a rock.

Ms Solomon's friends can be heard giggling in the background as she struggles with the sea creature.

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The octopus took a liking to the shades and swiftly attached himself to one of the arms.

Emma Solomon was walking in One Mile Beach in New South Wales, Australia when she spotted the octopus and put her Ray-Bans in the rock pool to point the animal out (left).

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