You might be surprised to learn you can have just as much fun in your hallway as you do in your bedroom. Book in for 15 quickie dates with sexy singles your age, followed by an after party with 100 more. This event includes: 15-20 quickie speed dates Exchange of contact details with your mutual matches by FI Exclusive use of our stylish venue An after party with 80-100 singles!

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Find the Robin to your Batman, the Oliver to your Felicity Smoak, the Tara to your Willow.

Fake, real and somewhere in between — multiple panels cover the tech of sci-fi.

No matter how pressed for time you are, you've always got a few minutes you can make the most of.

But first you've got to see the opportunities when they, uh, arise. Start Your Engines For women especially, it can be difficult to get your rocks off when there's no time for foreplay and the whole act itself plays out in under fifteen minutes.

It’s a family reunion as Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill (who played daughter and father, respectively, on “Doctor Who,” even though she’s older; it makes sense within the series) appear. An industry that spent a long part of its history essentially saying “You have Wonder Woman. ” is now changing for the better (not that Wonder Woman isn’t awesome).

Catch their separate panels on Saturday or pony up for a photo op or autograph. Panels include discussions of sexism, creating great female characters and how to deal with cosplay harassment.

That means you need to get a head start on your man by either warming yourself up with a little mental engagement, or by enlisting the aid of some lubrication.

Get your Motor Running To maximize your enjoyment, do what works for you.

Feel Free to Recline the Seats Make your quickie as comfy as possible.