QUICKHEAL: The Exchange had sought clarification from Quick Heal Technologies Limited with respect to announcement dated 30-Jun-2017, regarding change in Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the Company..

Many of our readers might recall that we had spoken of the ‘Windows 10 upgrade’ release and its compatibility with Quick Heal in an earlier blog post.

We are glad to inform you that we have released the software update, downloading which will make your Quick Heal copy (v16.00) compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.

In the mean time you can also update your copy of Quick Heal manually by downloading exe file from Web page.

Find below the instruction to update your copy Quick Heal manually by downloading exe file.

Situation arises when there are too many occupying the limited space.

Also some quick launch icons cannot be deleted as both...

Running a security solution without keeping its signatures database up-to-date poses important risks to the hosting machine.

If the antivirus is not equipped with the latest virus definitions, it might not be able to detect certain threats or malicious files, which can lead to system infections.

But then I visited their site to find a link to submit my query and within matter of minutes I got a resolution from them, you may want to use the link it is This could probably because of some error while restarting & Quick Heal could not locate new virus definitions.

I don't think this is a serious issue and you can resolve it by re installing Quick Heal.

Firewall should be configured to allow Quick Update to get Internet access.