If you're still tired after a morning walk, you and your puppy can return to bed for an afternoon nap! When you're not with your puppy, put him or her in an enclosed area or crate. "It's important to introduce short periods of alone time as puppies," Millan says. Studies show that puppies should be able to hold their bladders for every month of life plus one."It prevents separation anxiety from becoming a problem as they get older." Many puppy owners resort to using Wee-Wee Pads, and Millan says that's OK. Puppies should go outside first thing in the morning, but there are also several other times throughout the day that Millan suggests they have a potty break: immediately following each meal, after waking up from a nap and after long play sessions. In other words, if your puppy is three months old, he should be capable of "holding it" for four hours.She's the author of the bestseller, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.

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At the moment Match Puppy is in beta and is limited to New York City, so if you happen to live in NYC and you own a dog, Match Puppy could be a website worth checking out.

There once was a time where pet owners could sign up for an online dating site called Date My Pet to express their love for their pets.

We schedule neighborhood dog walks, and dress our pets in outfits and booties worth being viewed on Rodeo Drive.

Shouldn't our devoted four-legged friends have an opportunity to find love online?

However, while they may be useful for housebreaking, he recommends owners refrain from training dogs with these absorbent pads alone. Instead, alternate between indoor and outdoor bathroom habits. Unfortunately, this means you may be in for a few restless nights until housetraining really kicks in. If your puppy has a messy mistake, instead of scolding him or her, remain calm and assertive while teaching your puppy the "right way." For example, if you catch your puppy in mid-act in your home, simply distract him with a light touch or sound, pick him up and take him outdoors immediately. Millan suggests having the right cleaning tools readily available for any mishaps.

"With patience and persistence from you, this period should not last long," Millan says.4. If you're frustrated or stressed, dogs can certainly sense the negative energy, which could possibly lead to instability and behavioral problems. "I always have Swiffer Wet Cloths in the house to thoroughly clean up those messes left behind by my pack," Millan says.

Would you post a social media profile for your pet?

Julie Spira is an online dating and cyber-relations expert.

As one in ten pets now has a social media profile, it's no wonder that these niche dating and social networking sites are popping up on the Internet.