One of the best things you can do – especially as a short man – is to develop your sense of presence.

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potential attraction, no matter how awesome you may be otherwise. The more you let your height (or lack thereof) bother you, the less attractive you get.

A shitty attitude, whether angry and aggressive or defeated and negative, will nuke any chance of sex or love faster than telling them that you eat live puppies. A short man with confidence is far more attractive than a tall guy without it.

After all: most things in your dating life can be worked on and improved upon, but the cold hard truth is that some aspects are set in stone. and there are few other aspects that cause men as much dating agita as being short.

If you’re not 6 feet tall or taller, then you may as well just resign yourself to a sexless life of Napoleon jokes.

I won't say that Andie had a huge career ahead of her in fashion design, but at least she wasn't afraid to be different, a quality that I like to believe would have served her well in life.

So now when my daughter asks if I like the dress, I tell her, 'Yes, I do.' She smiles and says, 'Me too!Over the years, I’ve dated and slept with women of all heights, ranging from 5’1″ to six-foot tall amazons.The trick is understanding how to make height less of an issue.Of course, short is relative; what we consider “average” height varies depending on geographic locale and someone who’s 5’6″ would consider someone who’s 5’9″ (the average for American men) to be lucky.But hey, that’s cold comfort when women are putting “six feet tall, minimum” in their dating profiles and your friends all call you “Short Round”."To the best of my knowledge, it's locked away in a wardrobe vault at the studio. If I'd had it my way, I would have burned the dress on the Paramount back lot as soon as they yelled the last 'Cut! '"Ringwald says although she signed off on the design at the time, she might have been swayed by Vance's passion or distracted by an upcoming algebra final."Weeks later, when I saw the dress for the first time, I burst into tears.