Combine Sentry Guns can also be manipulated by the gun.

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Its most significant enhancement, however, is its ability to manipulate organic matter.

Any Overwatch Soldier punted by it is instantly killed, and their body retains a charge that will kill others if it strikes them.

When exposed to the Confiscation Field in the Citadel, the Gravity Gun is "supercharged" rather than being vaporized as other weapons are. Once supercharged, the Gravity Gun emits blue light rather than orange, quakes in Gordon's hands, and creates small bolts of energy across its muzzle.

Its powers are vastly enhanced, enabling it to manipulate objects of far greater mass than it could normally, as well as pull and repel them with greater force.

Three punts from the primary fire will kill any headcrab.

Antlions are harder to kill in this manner, but being hit by the gun causes them to flip over, exposing their weaker undersides.

However, if punted over greater distances, they will stabilize their flight.

It can also be used to grab Hopper Mines and remove Rollermines from vehicles, holding them safely.

If grabbed by the gun's secondary fire, they are likewise killed.

It also has the side effect of vaporizing any weapons the soldiers were carrying.

It can also be used to grab larger objects and hold them up as makeshift shields.