If their foundation is strong and they can communicate well, and they are flexible in general, they seem to be resilient enough to make it work.After infidelity however, it is also possible for many couples to stay together and redefine their relationship.

These results suggest that the one difference between the two voles is that the home bound prairie vole has a higher rate of vasopressin.

The more promiscuous female vole had more hormone receptor inhibitors for the brain chemical oxytocin, the hormone that is connected to pair bonding.

There are, however, no studies that truly prove that we as mammals are naturally monogamous or non-monogamous.

We can look at our history as primates either way to justify our behavior.

The longer the ring finger, compared to the index finger, the higher the level of hormone and therefore they rationalized a higher statistical correlation for cheating. And the reader should exercise caution here before they demand their partner’s glove size.

There have also been studies with prairie voles, one of the only truly monogamous mammals, compared their mating habits to their very promiscuous cousins, the mountain voles.

This monogamy was necessary to ensure that no one cheated outside of the family lines and that property ownership stayed within the male lineage.

Today, we marry not only to share property but for love and for desire.

Maybe half of us are just really bad at choosing our partners.