George engaged guests whom he called "ludicrous liberal lunatics" and "fascist fanatics," including 1960s drug guru Dr.

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After George died in 2003, KDOC stopped showing reruns altogether except for a retrospective/tribute on the Friday of the anniversary week of Wally George's passing.

It has not been seen since, although You Tube has an extensive archive of Hot Seat clips.

Originally only seen locally, the show gained national attention on the November 5, 1983 episode, when a self-proclaimed pacifist named Blase Bonpane, who was discussing his opposition of the U. invasion of Grenada, suddenly erupted in anger over George's taunts, flipped over the host's desk and stormed off the show.

A clip of the altercation aired on national news programs, and attracted attention from program directors at TV stations nationwide, leading to syndication.

Bancroft was proud of the fact he held a bachelor's degree in history, and he told guest Dawna Kaufman not to 'tempt him' into having sex with him. Near the end of the Hot Seat run, Wally also had a co-host who would read from the Bible and would argue fundamentalist Christianity with guests.

Like Kennedy, however, Bancroft's role was mostly to introduce the guest; i.e. Kennedy made one return appearance in 1992, and Bancroft returned during the weekday "Highlights episodes" in 2001.She was accompanied by her former roommate at the time, Meg Foster, and Cosby took the ladies to an apartment after dinner.According to Valentino, Cosby took advantage of her and Foster by drugging them with pills.Hot Seat is a Saturday late night syndicated, politically oriented, though often satirical and comedic television talk-show that began in the early 1980s, hosted by conservative commentator Wally George.George hosted the show sitting behind a desk and wearing a red, white, and blue necktie, and his completely white hair in a curious comb over.From her recollection, Valentino noticed that Foster had passed out from the pills and that Cosby stood over Foster with an erection and a "predatory" look.