-Does not correctly read some xing/vbr headers, causing tracktimes to display as -Does not support seeking in some vbr-encoded mp3's -Breaks aac Plus streaming support -Has a simplified Info Editor (overrides in_mp3's advanced editor) -Sporadic stability issues resulting in random error messages/crashes -Freezes up Winamp when listening to Shoutcast Radio streams under Win9x -More.If you really need support for MP3Pro streams/playback, then we recommend that you uncheck "Enable - use for all .mp3 files" in the plugin's config: Winamp config | screenshot.Note: Winamp 5.5x saves settings here by default, unless you upgraded from an older version where 'shared' setups (settings saved to the Program Files\Winamp folder) are still respected.

playlists selected for updating no longer exist-9

Information required when posting (ignore this at the risk of being ignored) 2. Problems caused by using 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin 6. threadid=85938 Start THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder Plug-in for Winamp The buggy 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin (in_mp3pro.dll) by Thomson/mp3prozone is known to cause the following problems: -Does not parse metadata to the media library; therefore artist, album, track#, title info is not read/displayed when importing mp3's.

FAQ: Common Issues (Read This First before posting) 3. Problems with Internet TV/Radio Streams or Video playback? -Does not support Shoutcast streaming titles (displays the station name/url only).

Naturally, you should still have copies of the setup files for any 3rd-party plugins you've downloaded, so you can always use these to reinstall 3rd-party plugins later.

Winamp 2.9x and 5.x users will also lose all Library data by using the uninstall procedure outlined below.

If you are just upgrading to a newer version of Winamp 5.x then you can just install straight on top of the previous version of Winamp 2.x or 5.x (but not Winamp3), thus keeping all your current settings etc.

Important: If the problems persist after carrying out all the instructions below, please read this section before posting on the forums.

Native MP3Pro support will NEVER be implemented in Winamp, mainly due to licensing issues/costs and the fact that it is a truly lousy and dead format.

More info about AACPlus You only need to do a clean install if you are experiencing problems that cannot be resolved using any other method.

Delete the Winamp dir (where Winamp was installed) 3.

Delete the contents of the %App Data%\Winamp folder (see below for more info). Delete C:\Windows\(v5.1 and earlier, not v5.11 or above) 5. Backup Note: You don't need to backup anything if you don't want to, ie.

This should hopefully force Winamp to use the default Nullsoft in_mp3for standard MP3's and the MP3Pro plugin should only be used for actual mp3pro files/streams - in theory - but from what I can gather, this option doesn't work either, heh :/ If the problems persist, then we further recommend that you uninstall this buggy plugin and avoid MP3Pro at all costs.