Since you can watch PS VUE on 5 concurrent instances, we never have an issue there. Lets just say I dont really need ANY service to to watch these programs.We're also an Amazon household, so Amazon video is on deck, as well as Netflix (I "borrow" someone elses login for that) No need for Hulu as PS Vue has On demand next day for all major networks sans CBS (which is coming), but I also have an OTA DVR, so I can catch CBS there... I can get ANYthing I want (no need to get into details on that).In equipment rental fees alone we were paying almost .

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On the positive side of things, I've noticed in the last couple of days that the streaming quality, at least on the Fire TV console, has FINALLY caught up with the Play Station consoles in terms of the clarity and fluidity that I described earlier and practically looks as good as the video playback on cable or satellite once fully buffered.

On the Fire TV Stick the stream quality doesn't seem to be any better than it was before, which is probably on account of its limited processing power.

I'm fine with Thursday night football on CBS for the 1st half of the season, but after that its only on the NFL channel. Now, for full disclosure, I did pay one time costs to get 3 Fire sticks, and 2 Fire TV boxes.

I also have a PS and a PS4 so all bases are covered there.

$12 equipment rental x 5...$60 extra a month saved over cable added to everything else!

I cant speak for everyone, but even without all the other things I do, PS Vue allows my family and I significant cost savings, with little sacrifice, especially if youre really honest about what you watch anyway.

Perhaps Sony is biased toward their own hardware, but it's frustrating considering that other streaming video apps on Fire TV devices like Netflix or Hulu or Amazon's own video offerings don't seem to suffer from this issue.

UPDATE 8-23-16: Having had it for a few months now, I still find PS Vue to be a good service, albeit imperfect.

On top of all of that, I use Plex as well, and since Fire tv runs that app, I can watch all of my personal media on any display on the house, and remotely.

Lets not forget PS Vue has a cloud based DVR, so I have DVR service on every TV..add that to the cost savings!

Menu navigation is faster, more in-line with the PS3 or PS4, but the smoothness of the video stream is still inferior and no better than that of the Fire Stick.