Just the same as the United States in the 50’s but the stakes are higher.

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Don’t let your imagination run wild though, it’s best described as a rehearsal, where some friends are invited.

Woman are dressed just as in Europe, people dance together and the moonshine and dirt-cheap Afghan hash is freely available.

None of his girlfriends know about the others, but they know there’s just as much promiscuity here as in Western countries, at least with the people that do manage to have relationships.

It’s also easier, considering every relationship has to happen in secret.

Often, the woman accepts this arrangement only because of pressure from her parents.

While she might live a poor life, her absence allows her original family some financial relief.

Abbas is grinning, and I can’t help feel proud of myself.

I had just been accosted by a group of three girls, and, despite my shock, managed to gift them a juicy pomegranate.

He tells me he has ten girlfriends, three of which he has sexual intercourse with.