But what she didn't know was how much it mattered in matters of the heart.

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Even Beyonce, who is a beautiful black woman has lighter skin and almost blonde hair that is wavy.

I have 4b afro and dark skin, and growing up as a child, I didn't see that anywhere so I didn't have messaging that told me I was attractive or that I could be beautiful.

In her first three days, she received 64 messages so that's a twelve-fold increase. These online dating sites capitalize on this notion that you can you can calculate romantic attraction based on a profile and a picture.

How problematic is that when race becomes one of the filters for attraction?

I'm pretty aware of how I'm perceived offline and offline I can control how I'm being perceived, to an extent I can't online.

So if I can physically tell that someone is making perceptions or assumptions that are biased, I can immediately correct them in a way that I can't do when someone is looking at my online profile.I wouldn't want to be with someone who discounts me because of my race, I don't want to be with someone who is prejudiced.But I think a lot of people aren't meaning to be prejudiced, and don't realize they hold these unconscious biases and that they don't notice they don't swipe right on the people of colour.Or at the very least, if you're going to ask these questions, just put "I'm a bigot who eats shoes" in your bio so we can swipe left and avoid all this nonsense.Follow Carina on Twitter and Instagram and follow Sade on Instagram.You also write that the elevation of white beauty is not limited to white people... We tend to prize beauty that is closer to white beauty.