One of the most striking qualities of this site is these MILF teachers are all model material with a certain star quality.

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Speaking of which, I'd rate the skill level here at least above average.

Most sets show adequate lighting, good model direction, and an eye for composition.

Talk about a private education, this veteran site, founded in 2003 and legendary among MILF-enthusiasts, boldly proves that some lucky women have aged just like a fine Chianti and it just so happens that they're teaching today's kids some very bad things!

MFST(as those in the field refer to it) and its 32 sister sites on the Naughty America network offer over 2,800 scenes and 1,600 different girls which, to me, is completely mind-boggling.

The images are clear and crisp, with vibrant colors and look quite good.

I also have to give them props for avoiding those pesky watermarks that often ruin otherwise lovely photography.They've even included a trailer, making selecting viewing material all the more simple.The files themselves are served up in a slew of formats.Scenes are judged by specific elements instead of as a whole.I think this is great approach, and one I can say quite honestly that I've never seen done before.The episodes are all presented with steamy teaser images, a list of the inappropriate student-teacher contact involved, and the members of the cast.