Email Notifications are one of the ways Pay Pal merchants get to know about placed orders.

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A script running at this notification URL executes to validate the request and can take actions based upon changes in transaction status or other events for which notifications were received.

This kind of completes the Pay Pal PDT vs IPN tug-of-war.

You can create a merchant account with Pay Pal via this link.

(Utilizing this payment provider will incur additional costs for the merchant, see the Fee Table.) Pay Pal offers additional information about account creation here.

You can deactivate the sandbox via the relevant Woo Commerce field, once you have tested all processes successfully.

The only thing left is to replace the test email address with your actual Pay Pal merchant account.More detailed instructions can be found on this page.Alternatively, Pay Pal offers additional information about the individual fields and their meaning here and here.It will take a few minutes after the test accounts have been created, before you can access them with the user information (email address and password) you have provided.You can manage the Pay Pal interface in Woo Commerce via Finally, simply enter the email address of the previously created sandbox merchant account in the field Pay Pal Email.PDT and IPN are the two notification methods which do this and here, we are going to put them to test against each other.