Park Bom has every right to dine with whoever she wants. Anyways shes just eating with a man that is probably just close to her. They aren't even as good as 2NE1 when they had their debut. PFFFT, 2NE1 can sing their songs way better than them. In the cuts, the idol star is spotted casually enjoying her meal with a man who seems to be in his 40-50s. You don't have to talk crap about BLACKPINK just caz you are defending 2NE1.

G-Dragon keeps Dara close to him — like a boyfriend! Some fans swear it's a split-second kiss, although it looks more like he's simply speaking to her..just, you know, turning his head.

YG Entertainment, noticing the immediate explosion of noise surrounding the two superstars online, issued a statement today (Jan.

Korean netizens have not taken Park Bom’s side since the 2NE1 member was rocked by drug smuggling allegations today.

The top comment on a Naver article, which has more than 1,100 thumbs up said Park Bom should ‘retire’. Doing drugs alone is an extreme crime but smuggling them in?

It was just after G-Dragon’s alleged breakup with his rumored on-and-off girlfriend Mizuhara buzz the internet.

The controversy about “Dara Gon” (combination of Dara and G-Dragon’s name) started way back 2009 when the two both appeared in “Lollipop” music video.

Fans immediately responded to the statement with amusement and sarcasm."I don't stan either of them and don't really care whether or not they are dating but honestly that is the lamest excuse I have ever heard from an agency," one wrote."Pretty sure the members of Big Bang just enjoy messing with people," added another.

Consider this romantic rumor, anyway. That said, there's always hope that the record label is lying.

“Why even go easy on her because she’s from YG, as if that means anything.