If you’ve previously disabled updates, you’ll first have to choose “Enable Updates”.

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To get rid of these duplicates see: Delete duplicates after emails got redownloaded Disable Updates Additionally, create a reminder in your Calendar to re-enable updates in April as a fix for this issue should be deployed by then.

The panel also contains a filter dialog which allows users to filter users by different search criteria.

You’ll see a dialog box asking whether to allow Microsoft Outlook to access your confidential information stored in your Mac OS X keychain.

The reason Microsoft Outlook wants to access the keychain is to store your user name and password for accessing incoming and outgoing email. This allows Outlook to store the user name and password now, and also retrieve it each time you attempt to receive or send messages. In the More Options window, change the popup menu for Authentication to Use Incoming Server Info, then click the OK button to return to the Accounts window.

If this is the first time you’ve opened Microsoft Outlook 2011, begin at If you’re opening Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the first time.

If you’ve previously set up accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2011, begin further down the page, where it says If you’ve previously set up email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2011. You’ll see the Welcome to Microsoft Outlook for Mac window.Learn More Schedule future status events (e.g., meetings, travel, or vacation) based on Outlook Appointment items. will automatically change your status based on the settings you define.Learn More You no longer need a message pad or a separate phone messaging program.Click the Close button at the lower right corner of the window.The main Outlook 2011 email window will appear on screen.This feature can also be used to indicate when you are in the office but are not available or do not want to be disturbed.