Additionally you can use mobile video chat with other QIK users.

It’s a good place to watch live broadcasts and meet new friends.

QIK With QIK, you can capture mobile video and share it with others right when you’re recording.

Due to the advancement in high speed Internet and popularity of mobile devices, big companies like Apple and Google have entered the online TV markets.

It shows how important video streaming is these days.

Freedocast also enables you to add effects to videos, making your PC a studio.

Vaughn Live This is a social broadcast and entertainment site where users can live stream video and make new friends.

Undeniably video streaming is one of the most popular activities that occupy a significant amount of Internet users’ time.

Be it a sports events, music concerts, TV shows or world news, you can watch them live on the web, either free or paid subscription.

Other features include integrated online storage, geo-location tagging as well as sharing buttons.