Domestic Support is referred to as a "time bomb" by Dr. The creation of a peaceful and well-managed home environment, which includes cooking meals, washing dishes, washing and ironing clothes, house cleaning and child care, may at first it seems irrelevant; but for many couples, the need eventually explodes.Family Commitment is the need created by the arrival of children.

When our spouses reveal their most private thoughts, some of us feel happy and fulfilled.

On the other hand, when our spouses hide their feelings and thoughts from us, we become frustrated.

As with anything else which we consume in such magnitude, there are realistic impacts and effects, positively or negatively.

In this paper, I would like to explore the negative affects the Internet have on us; specifically: Cyber Housewives Addicted to the Internet: Why & How it Negatively Affect Spousal Relationships in Web-Friendly American Households today.

While possessing these factors are how couples can maintain a good, loving relationship, the couples must also be sure that they avoid withdrawing these factors from their relationship.

Each couple should first determine five of the ten emotional needs and prioritize them in order of importance to them and then work toward meeting them.

Admiration is the love of being told that they are appreciated. As this paper will prove, the Internet is a very powerful lure.

It is vital that marriages encountering Internet addiction problems possess approximately five of the emotional needs, which are of most importance to the couples, because the couples’ love and strength are the keys to overpowering the Internet.

Originally, the media’s stereotypical Internet users were predominately young, introverted, computer-oriented males (Center for On-Line Addiction, Online).

Overall, men still use the internet more than women, -- 52% vs.

I will briefly review the definition of each factor.