What worked then, is completely different from what works now. At PDA, we life hack full time, gathering front line intelligence daily.

Enabling us to plan strategically, and strike surgically.

After our pimping process, the % response rate to your dating profile goes up, helping you stand out amid the crowds of commoners.

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But to actually win dates, taking consistent action, along with flawless execution, is what separates the posers, from the true champions… By applying our keyword behavioral analysis to a womans profile, we can get a read on how game a given girl is likely to be for what you’re looking for, compared to others.

After locating, but before messaging these promising candidates, your assistant will try to identify her personality traits and challenge level, and cross reference them with our proven introduction style matrix.

For years, I wrote ads that created a demand for products.

Today I use my writing talents to create a demand for you. Get started on your online dating profile or Linked In profile now.

Leveraging huge data sets across multiple international cities, we stuff your profile full of proven keywords and phrases that your preferred type of woman is most likely to respond to, based on key personality indicators.

From there, we test your new response rate against your former, and iterate with a 2nd pass until we’re sure that your new & improved profile is the best it can be.This is the Rolls Royce of Services – Your own personal Wingman for 4 weeks!Full profile build customized to the dating site of your choice including headline options, exceptionally written essay, photo selection advice, and weekly help contacting and interactive with prospective dates.The service was impeccable, and the profile write up was right on. For more testimonials from our clients, click here.I can think of one word to describe my experience - "outstanding". Our proprietary online matchmaking solution for men is the most fully featured and effective in the world. We combine the best of traditional matchmaking, date coaching, and professional services.