Ohno also does the lead vocal work, and is known to be the best dancer not only in Arashi, but in the whole of Johnny's Entertainment.

He choreographs several of their dances, which other members have complained of its difficulty in complicated footwork, even if Ohno makes it all seem simple and easy.

-He was supposed to be in v6 but didn't make it because he told Johnny he couldn't play volleyball.

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Aside from that, Ohno Satoshi also has an obsession with deep sea fishing, so much so that his goal for the year 2009 was to fish for a tuna, much to the bafflement of his band mates.

Ohno is one half of an Arashi skit duo, Ohmiya SK, a duo which includes member Ninomiya Kazunari, and a pairing which had received so much acclaim from fans that they were revived for their 2008 Asia Tour concert.

Examples of Ohno's flawless dancing can be seen in his few solo's from their concerts, namely Rain, as well as Top Secret, both performed in Arashi's 2005 Asia Tour.

As quoted from ' Takeuchi's book, a male fan of Arashi who has written a book on them, ' What makes Ohno's dancing different from an average dancer? It's sharp, it's fast, it's sudden, but it flows.' Ohno's deep, steady vocals are also displayed in his solo's, Take me Faraway, performed in Arashi's ' Dream A Live' concert, as well as his latest solo, Kumorinochi Kaisei, a song used as the themesong for his drama, ' Uta no Oniisan', of which Ohno Satoshi performed as main male lead.

Takeuchi thinks it's the way Ohno pivots, snaps, pops and turns. Ohno Satoshi is also well known as a very talented artist.

In fact, Ohno is one of the first, if not only celebrity from Johnny's Entertainment to have had his solo art exhibition, Freestyle, which displays all his own work, from clay sculpture, to drawings.

And barely a few months after that, Ohno once again took on another role, as the angsty, lost-everything-in-one-day Yano Kenta, who was forced out of his band, out of a job and dumped by a girlfriend, and left with no choice but to work on a child's show.

Again, not only was Yano Kenta largely differing from Naruse Ryou from Maou, but Ohno managed to portray Yano Kenta with his own flavour, so much so that even if both characters were acted by the same actor, no one would ever confuse Yano Kenta from Naruse Ryou.

Ohno was chosen as a leader of Arashi, not because he was the eldest, but because he won in a game of rock-paper-scissors with the other members on a variety show the group was on, days after their debut.

But even if Ohno has next to none leadership skills, members have stated that Ohno leads best by not doing anything at all.

Ohno Satoshi, the leader of Arashi, sometimes called Oh-chan or Riida.