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The artificial networks are faster and more accurate at processing large amounts of data.

The Cambridge study used the profile images of 1,120 Facebook users.

I understand that people who post these pics think that group photos and activity shots show that they have interests and friends. But I like to see a clear shot of a guy’s face — his clothed body — and not much else.

Extracting social value from images is part of a newer frontier in artificial intelligence called “deep learning.” Deep learning uses artificial neural networks modeled after the human brain.

The purpose was to find whether computers can succeed at estimating people’s “real” intelligence and whether computers might help humans avoid inaccurate stereotypes and value judgments on the basis of a profile photo.

The online profile images the researchers used consisted of photos of users’ faces as well as non-face images like cartoons.

According to Adam, “The general problem with all research in this area is that it’s conflating stereotyping with science.

I think it’s important to also consider the historical relationship to the earliest work in this field by Francis Galton, who aimed to infer criminal behavior, disease and, ultimately, someone’s fate purely from a photograph of their face.” (Galton, the father of eugenics, is now condemned for his work, which was considered high-tech in 1883.)Harvey added, “Unfortunately, there is too much knowledge asymmetry between those who share photos and those who analyze photos.

Humans think that smokers are dumb, according to the study, but if that smoker is wearing green, not showing too much skin and is solo in the photo, the computer will beg to differ. Xingjie Wei about the practical implications of the study, and she said, “Surveys and experimental research show that recruiters will search applicants’ social network accounts to get information before making interview decisions, and in most social networks, profile images are public by default.

We hope our research can provide insights for people to better manage their self-representations online.”Wei’s work in intelligence-prediction accuracy indicates that computer algorithms can automatically make intelligence predictions on the basis of profile images better than a human’s random guess.

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