Reef Karim, a psychiatrist and addiction specialist, adds that conflict and emotions brought up by rocky relationships can lead to relapse.

However, he believes that the no-dating restriction should be somewhat dependent on the situation.

As a result, while he was still in rehab, he began seeing a girl whose antics included randomly showing up outside his treatment center at odd times and throwing a screaming fit when he refused to join her in making a “God box.” But what seemed inexplicable at the time feels more like an inevitable outcome now.

“I only attracted screwed-up, crazy girls,” he says.” “Any girl with a sane brain in her head would look at a newly sober guy still in rehab who didn’t have a pot to piss in and think, ‘Maybe you need time for yourself.’”Justin’s experience perfectly illustrates why so many experts—and sponsors—caution addicts about dating during the first year of sobriety.

She is in need of at least five different recovery programs, but has been free from drugs and alcohol for over two years.

She also wrote about transferring addictions for The Fix.

When 29-year-old Justin first got sober two years ago, he was eager to jump into the dating fray.

“When I did drugs, I didn’t really hang around with anybody so the whole social structure of dating was refreshing to me,” he says.“The guy I’m dating is not an alcoholic, and he once told me he looks forward to me drinking again,” she says.“This led to a three-week discussion about what would happen if I relapsed.“In general, the first year of recovery seems to be the most vulnerable time for relapse,” he says.“It’s important to wait because you’re going to be doing clinical psychological work in the first year which will help you know better if a person is good for you or not.”Dr.Had I just come up to them and grunted a few times, they might have responded.”Carlton, a 28-year-old from Connecticut who doesn’t drink because alcoholism runs in his family, says, “On e Harmony, two of the questions are ‘Do you drink? ’ If you pick girls who don’t drink, there are like three matches.”Unsurprisingly Dr.