As with any program or advise a person has to actually do something to make forward progress. I'm just starting but I already knew so of what he's talking about and it's on point. I found the Credit Solution a good start to repairing my credit. The results are fantastic when you take it one step at a time, my first credit card was within three months and then after that one year of paying, I have now over 15 credit cards and I pay them off within 3 months.

The program explains simple processes for us to help ourselves. My credit is still climbing and I hope to achieve the 9 I hear many talking about, I am almost there. This program has helped me considerably take control of repairing my credit myself, and take a more active role in actively monitoring my reports with all three credit bureaus.

What is provided is just information, knowledge of what credit laws actually say and how you can use them to your advantage to clean up your credit.

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The homepage of the Credit Solution Program shows you specific examples of how “OK” credit will cost you significantly more money in fees over a period of time than having “Very Good” credit will; over a lifetime they say it can add up to several hundred thousand dollars.

Their program will help you understand the 5 factors that are used to determine your score, understand why your credit score is what it is, and how you can use your knowledge to quickly change your credit score.

In order to get started with your Free Starter Kit, you must first order your free credit report, so that you know what your credit score is and have the information necessary to begin to change it.

The Credit Solution links you to Free Score360to order your free credit report.

However you will need to get a credit report from somewhere so you can utilize the information being provided.

You can get it from Bob's Credit Shack if you like.

However, you should be aware that most free credit report websites only offer you a report for free – getting your actual score generally costs money.

In addition, the “free” credit report comes with an automatic enrollment into an identity theft protection program, that you generally must cancel within the first seven days before beginning to receive monthly charges.

There is a short period of time between January 1 and Tax Day where every tax preparation softw It has been well established that many of the money making methods promoted or sold online are considered scams.

Some websites are selling training materials to a legitimate at home business, but doing it in an unethic I have been receiving Mike Roberts news letters for about three years.

Additionally if you are not getting the videos, check your junk mail, that is where i found mine. The credit reports which you must do first are definitely not free. If it is free then why do you need a credit card number? Just more bull to take advantage of those who really want a bit of hope.