Believe me, I am romantic at heart and I love happily ever after stories.

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Nigerian men for dating video

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this type of love doesn’t exist but only two in a hundred really work out.

I don’t blame rich parents who are protective of their wards; they have spent so much on them.

If you married the right person, you don’t even need to spell it out to that person, because love and submission come hand-in-hand.

You don’t have be an Idi Amin in your house before your spouse is at your beck and call.

But you won’t listen, because you have a taste for women whose skin glow like the morning sun, with beautiful trendy hair and well manicured nails.

However, have you asked yourself if you can maintain all that?

If you have eyes for big women, please make sure you attain a certain level before you accommodate affection and if you can’t wait till then, then go cut your clothes according to your material.

Stop believing all the lies that a big girl will come down to your level; that she will suffer and remain patient with you until you become a rich man.

Now, let me move to another category, women who are well educated and men who are barely educated. Please take a long deep breath and think very hard before you make that move.

Are you one of those who are attracted to women who are a combination of beauty and brains? Interestingly, these women are different from the model your mother comes from.

Someone from a lower class dating an upper class person might experience resentment and the upper class person might think the lower class person is a gold digger too.