Not only will there be lots of ladies out but there will be many pimps as well trying to steer you to their girls.

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Some of the best known ones are Cave Nude Club (which has a 5000n entrance fee) as well as Fantasy Villa or Deja Vu which are located on Victoria Island.

There will be quite a few massage parlors around town, particularly in the touristy areas.

You will pay maybe 500n for the massage and then have to tip 1000n to 2000n for your happy ending in Lagos.

All around the world more and more hookers are working online.

But you will have to give the stripper a tip for sex on top of the 6k.

They will be more expensive than the brothels of course, but you should find some hotter girls at them.Two that you can check out are Didoz and The Gentleman’s Lounge located on Allen Avenue.You pay 1k for entry, 1k for lap dances, or can head to the back room for 6k.They don’t really consider themselves hookers, but if it walks like a duck….There really is a ton of nightlife in Lagos and it is a great place to go party.Imagine trying to navigate New York City if it was in a third world country.