Four women, two of them part of CNY Fair Housing’s lawsuit, alleged in interviews that they submitted to his demands for oral sex or intercourse.If a woman tells Waterbury she cannot afford to pay the amount he requires, “or expresses any sense of desperation about finding housing,” he “attempts to capitalize on her vulnerability by using his control over her housing to force her into unwanted sex acts,” CNY Fair Housing alleged.The 19-year-old woman’s allegations in the May police report resemble those of a 32-year-old woman who told CNY Fair Housing and The Palladium-Times that in 2012, when she was receiving assistance from the government, she acquiesced to Waterbury’s demand for oral sex as he allegedly blocked the exit of the room after an apartment showing.

Police noted the woman said she never told Waterbury “no, stop, or that she did not want to do this,” according to the report.

But shortly after the apartment showing she told a police officer at Oswego Hospital that Waterbury had intercourse with her “without her permission,” according to the report.

The woman, who noted she was receiving rental assistance from social services, alleged that “Waterbury told her to come closer and when she did he asked her to lift her shirt and bra,” according to the police report narrative.

Waterbury then allegedly “undid his pants and told her to (perform oral sex),” which she did, she told police.

The woman told police she grew “uncomfortable with the situation because Waterbury continued to ask her if she had any other ideas.

(She) began to think that he may be referring to sexual acts,” according to the report, which notes authorities found no crime had been committed.Police have investigated Waterbury at least three times since 2014 after women accused him of sexualizing apartment showings, according to Oswego Police Department records obtained in a Freedom of Information Law request.Authorities said Waterbury’s alleged actions with three separate prospective female tenants between 17 and 27 years of age did not constitute crimes per New York State Penal Law, according to the police reports. But the women’s descriptions to police of Waterbury’s alleged behavior and phrasing — including overt advances and what women perceived as hints at sex for rent or cash — mirror many claims by six female plaintiffs in CNY Fair Housing’s lawsuit last week, as well as sexual harassment allegations spanning 30 years made by more than a dozen women in interviews with The Palladium-Times.The woman later “kept saying that she felt like it was her fault,” while an “advocate kept holding (her) hand telling her she did not do anything wrong,” according to the police narrative.After consulting with state police and the Oswego County District Attorney’s office, “it was determined that there was no crime according to NYS Penal Law and was more two adults having consensual sex,” according to the police report.There are currently 1 domestic violence and abuse shelters and programs in Oswego, NY with 1 offering a hotline and 1 offering emergency shelter.