It runs four city blocks, and is complete with new…

Protest Greets Mets Plans To Stage an Opera On Slaying of Klinghoffer By September 22, 2014 A former attorney general of America, a member of Congress and another of the Knesset joined hundreds of New Yorkers and school children for a protest against plans of the Metropolitan Opera to stage The Death of Klinghoffer. Obama Due in New York Amid Bravado by Top Officials Over Escalating Dangers By September 17, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson,and Governor Andrew Cuomo sounded the alarm Monday about the escalating danger of a terrorist attack on America by ISIS and other jihadists. In Senate Race To Watch, Jeffrey Bell Is Running Against Janet Yellen By August 7, 2014 Why isnt the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee coming in for Jeffrey Bell in New Jersey?

Her father had suggested she write to the Sun inquiring about whether there really is a St. Behind Protests, Police Lines, An Orgy of Violence Porn Goes Up at the Met Opera By October 21, 2014 The thing I kept thinking about at the opening night of The Death of Klinghoffer is that its not the first time that the Metropolitan Opera has put on its boards a drama about the murder of a Jew or Jews. Reputation of NY's Finest Now Rests With Riders Of the Second Circuit By October 16, 2014 I dont know why were even here, said the friendly fellow who sat down next to me in federal court.

The Second Circuit judges were about to hear the last-ditch appeal of the New York police unions to overturn the stop-question-and-frisk ruling. Charter School Movement Rallies Ten Thousand On De Blasios Turf By October 2, 2014 It was a moment for the charter school movement to show its muscle.

Doubly so, given that hes doing so in the middle of an election. Religious Groups Waiting For Action by De Blasio On Use of Empty Schools By May 28, 2015 Within hours of the United States Supreme Court declining on March 30 to review the Bronx Household of Faith case, a lawsuit challenging New York Citys ban on private worship services in empty school buildings, Mayor Bill de Blasio responded with… That charge, after all, is being widely made by opponents of Indianas religious-freedom law. As President Obama scrambles for a deal with the Iranian mullahs, what would we be hearing from the last Democrat to get re-elected as mayor of this town? De Blasio Hits Up School For $76,570 Per Pupil For the Right To Expand By March 16, 2015 The price of getting a new private school building built in Manhattan these days apparently includes a payoff of $50 million for affordable housing. New York Police Crisis Beckons for a Strong Governor By January 2, 2015 As the crisis deepens between Mayor de Blasio and the cops, Im prompted to wonder what Calvin Coolidge would do.

And that $50 million number, reportedly reached after an extensive negotiation between Collegiate… My prescription: Pick up a copy of For Whom the Dogs Spy, the story of Haiti from the Duvalier dictatorship to the 2010 earthquake. The 30th president rose to national prominence by facing down a strike by the cops in the hometown of our own police commissioner, Bill…

Bill Brattons Complaint Puts New York City Crosswise With Congress By October 28, 2015 Insanity is the word New Yorks police commissioner, William Bratton, uses for the United States Congress.

Hes angry, like all New Yorkers are, over the Harlem murder last week of Officer Randolph Holder. Odds Grow That New Tunnel Will Railroad New Yorkers For Billions More in Taxes By October 15, 2015 The agreement yesterday of New Jersey Transit to lead an environmental study of a proposed new cross-Hudson Amtrak tunnel increases the chances that taxpayers are going to get railroaded into a deal where the starting price tag​​ is …

Appeals Court Condescends To Muslims and Jews And New Yorks Police By October 15, 2015 What an obnoxious opinion from the Third United States Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court reopened the lawsuit against New York City for keeping an eye out for terrorist plots in the Muslim community. Un-Making of a Mayor Is Being Republished As NY Turns for the Worse By September 23, 2015 What a nifty coincidence, if thats what it is.

New York boasts at least 15 statues of her, including two flanking the entrance of the Brooklyn Museum. How the Times Flunks The Test of Economics On NYs Minimum Wage By March 11, 2016 I teach economics.