While the nude suspect was busy climbing the flagpole, a fire broke out on the roof of the Yeon Building just a few blocks away.At least 60 firefighters were called to the scene to put out the flames.

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(You'll find no trouble at the several clothing-optional hot springs.) "We want people to enjoy their national forests and be respectful of not only the forests themselves but also be respectful of the other visitors they encounter," Glen Sachet, the acting regional media specialist for the forest service explained.

In other words, if your nudity makes somebody else uncomfortable - and there's a good chance it will - kindly cover up, move on, and undress when you're back on your own. Fish and Wildlife Service, which operates wilderness areas and wildlife refuges around the state, defaults to state and local ordinances.

If you want to go rogue and strut your stuff in cities, campgrounds, parks or trails, you'll need to brace yourself for a complex web of bureaucracy.

The easiest way to frolic in the nude is to go to any of the nude resorts, beaches, spas or events around the state (see a listing of those places here).

Witnesses said they saw the naked woman holding a lighter and fire extinguisher after she climbed down from the pole, but police determined she was not involved in the fire.

It's hot - really hot - and for many of our state's more daring locals, that means it's high time to strip naked and soak up the sun.Additionally, most state parks and federal lands operate under rules of their own.So while the state law technically applies everywhere, it really only applies in places that don't have other, more strict policies in place.It's also worth noting that all of the local laws refer specifically to exposure of "genitals," which opens a possible loophole for women to go topless in town without technically violating city codes.If there's one place a nudist should feel comfortable stripping down to nothing, it's in the midst of Mother Nature. The most lenient places you'll find lie within the National Forests of the Pacific Northwest.They were a group of locals who, inspired by the 1933 movie "Elysia (Valley of the Nude)," banded together to create "The Hesperian Society," what eventually became the state's first nudist resort.