The Millard Public Schools Foundation is partnering with the Millard district to help students graduate from high school with an Associate of Arts Degree from Metro Community College.

A grant provided by the Foundation pays for college credit through Metro Community College.

Fine, except for the kids who have the walleyed look of the Today's Catch section of the supermarket, clearly on funkiness overload.

Forty-five minutes later, the trio sweeps out of the gym and onto its plush tour bus, the stage is disassembled, and members of the Millard North Mustangs soccer team arrive for practice.

Michelle, lean and long in tan pants and a camouflage tank, is earthy and easygoing (as family friend Vernell-Jackson describes her, "one of them downhome-sister girls – you know, eating-corn-bread-and-red-beans-type girls"). ) The girl is just impossibly curvy, with luminous, tawny skin.

Kelly is lively and funny, a formerly shy girl who, everyone will tell you, has come into her own with this album. "I got a good deal," she says.) Beyonce, who speaks in a honeyed drawl punctuated by frequent giggles, wears a sequined T-shirt with David Bowie's face on it. It is well-known that these three are very spiritual.

We must never forget the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Help us build the Education Center at The Wall so their legacies are never forgotten.

he students of Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska, were trying hard to raise their hands in the air, but they were just a little overwhelmed. You won't hear that at the Smokin' Grooves Tour.

The group is well aware of all the talk, so much so that the title of their new album and single is "Survivor," thus named after Beyonce heard a radio DJ chortling that Destiny's Child was just like the TV show."They're in the back," says the driver, grinning when he nears an explosion or giggles. Here sit three young girls, barely out of their teens (Beyonce is nineteen, actually, and Michelle and Kelly are twenty), lounging in jeans and chomping on Cooler Ranch Doritos."I love to eat." announces Kelly, opening up a fresh bag of Chee-tos. I stood up there onstage and, like, halfway tried to breathe, because I'm trying to hold my stomach in because I just had a big meal."They all talk at once (ask about the bus, and receive simultaneously: "It has a shower, and the water gets really hot! To meet them in person is to understand a little better why Beyonce's folks keep a close eye on the three.

" crossed with "We have a CD burner, you can burn CDs right on the bus! They are not world-weary divas but sheltered young women who travel in a protective bubble of family (mom Tina Knowles is their stylist) and friends of family, sometimes doing three cities in a day.

Then the relatively inexperienced Franklin allegedly began missing engagements, a big no-no for a group that works harder than pack mules.