Now I would also suggest you clear your java cache as well.The steps are a bit different depending on which operating system you use so follow the instructions on this page:https://com/en/download/help/plugin_You will see that you will be clearing java logs but don't worry, this is not an actual log of the chat it just logs the java program keeps.

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Hello my name is ***** ***** certified computer professional with over 10 years experience. So are you asking if you or someone had a chat on a website would that chat be recorded somewhere on your computer?

If this concerns you and you want to clean up any records of having used that site do the following.

Download the free version of Ccleaner here:https:// you run the cleaner be aware it will wipe out all of your internet history, meaning we ALL websites visited and will erase all cookies so you will need log back into websites you were logged into, it will do this for all web browsers on the computer.

I have never personally used it as it costs thousands of dollars nor have I ever had the need.

If you are in any kind of position where you think someone would be using software like that against you then getting rid of the drive itself would be your best move if you wanted to play it safe. Follow the Q & A below or skip it, and being copying the code for your page right now! We are one of the few free chat services which advertises on search engines to produce new visitors into the rooms. We cover all bandwidth, you don't have to host anything! Our service launched May 1st 2003, we're new and fresh and have alot to offer and more features to come... You get a proven tool to bring back return visitors to your website all at no cost to you whatsoever. Our mutual chatters will keep each other interested and chatting... owners and operators of several of the internet's top gay adult sites such as: Free Gay Pictures Too! (Or, remove line if none) When your done, your chat button should look similar to this: Why use our chat? We believe we are offering one of the most robust and effective tools in retaining and keeping your visitors. In an effort to help your bottom line we are not running advertisements for gay adult membership sites. The chat button is served directly from your page and your visitors will never leave or know they've gone elsewhere. This mean you can have visitors bookmark your page to return at a later time. You can even open our button in a frame to allow them to surf the rest of your site, or to show your own rotating ads 6.The tools I gave you are good but if you are talking about computer forensic software that federal agencies have access to then what I suggested may or may not be enough. I don't know the circumstances of the chat or what you want to make sure no one finds.If it is just that you want to hide the fact that you had the chat then what I gave you above should do you good assuming the computer is not being shipped off to some government run forensic lab and in that case physically destroying the drive would be the best move I would say.Did the chat take place on the website or was a chat program installed on the computer?