You can access information about disqualified directors using Web CHeck.

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You can store your most frequent company searches as favourites, then sort them by due filing date for accounts or confirmation statement.

An amber icon lets you know a document is due to be filed soon, while a red icon lets you know its overdue.

Our London office has less registration services available than our other offices and can only satisfy the following types of registration: All same-day applications must be delivered to the London office, correctly completed and including the appropriate fee by 3pm for the application to be processed that day.

Applications received between 3pm and 5pm will processed the next working day at the London office, but any received after 5pm will be forwarded with all other mail to the Cardiff office for processing.

See our full list of information centre fees to find out what you can search and how much it costs.

Check our office opening times and how to get to them.They’ll normally be able to answer straight away, but if they can’t, they’ll transfer you to someone who can.See our full list of contact centre fees to find out what is available and how much it costs.We suggest you enclose a telephone number with all applications so staff can make contact regarding collections or rejections. The London office can only satisfy same-day registrations for companies or partnerships registered in England and Wales.Find out more about the same day services Companies House offers.Find out more about delivering documents to our offices and how to get to them.