Or an application might have an uninstall feature built into the Start menu that you can use.

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Unnecessary applications and services use valuable hard drive space and processing power.

Plus, they can be vulnerabilities to an operating system.

By utilizing virtualization properly and by implementing an intelligent update plan, operating systems, and the relationships between operating systems, can be more secure and last a long time.

An operating system, or OS, that has been installed out-of-the-box is inherently insecure.

Although these types of oversights are constantly being improved upon, making an out-of-the-box experience more pleasant, new applications and new technologies offer new security implications as well.

So regardless of the product, we must try to protect it after the installation is complete.Imagine a computer with a freshly installed server operating system (OS) placed on the Internet or on a DMZ that went live without any updating, service packs, or hotfixes. It depends on the size and popularity of the organization, but it won’t take long for a nonhardened server to be compromised. Workstations, routers, switches: You name it; they all need to be updated regularly, or they .How long do you think it would take for this computer to be compromised? Virtual systems allow for a high degree of security, portability, and ease of use.Be proactive when it comes to these types of programs.If users can’t install an IM program on their computer, you will never have to remove it from the system.Although it is impossible to reduce risk to zero, I’ll show some tips and tricks that can enable you to diminish current and future risk to an acceptable level.